Thursday, August 2, 2012

About me and my "not so picky eater"

I am just one of the millions of moms all over the World trying to make sure my toddler is eating healthy, well balanced diet and I am not consumed by cooking for him. At the same time I wanted my child to grow truly enjoying his food experience - not an easy task with a toddler, I know. What I found out to be the greatest success (at least with my son) was NOT coming up with complicated recipes trying to please little taste buds (and keep mom in the kitchen all day), but: how easy it is to manage the food for the child and/or how is it presented on the plate to get him/her excited. I like things that are very simple and don't require a lot of time/ingredients, "one pot, one plate, whole family will enjoy" are my favorite. Encouraged by some of my friends, moms who liked my ideas, I decided to start posting some of my (or my son's rather) favorites, hoping to help some other moms on a mission. You won't find any fancy pictures here, it just looks as it is :-)

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  1. Ale on ci rosnie szybko.... Sooooo cute. Good lock with your blog!