Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Butter dish!

There are a few things I have in my small kitchen that I couldn't live without. Rice cooker (used mainly to cook things other than rice) and my BUTTER DISH. We don't eat that much butter but when we do, we like the real thing. Until I found this great dish, it was always a problem - the butter was either too hard to use or spoiling too quickly. This dish keeps it at room temperature and always ready to spread nicely. Water creates the barrier between butter and air making it always very fresh. I found it at Home Goods for 5 bucks. It's actually very hard to find in stores, there are much better chances online.

The dish fits one stick of butter. Before you put it into that dish, make sure butter is at room temperature and  the dish part in which you put butter is dry (otherwise butter will not stick to it and might fall into water). Just press butter stick into it, pour a little cold water in the bottom part and put it together. Keep replacing the water every few days and butter stays very fresh and soft for a month. Sometimes I forgot to change water for a week and it was still fresh.

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