Friday, August 10, 2012

No mess toddler sandwich

Easy to manage for little fingers and mouth. No mess. And a lot of fun with all sorts of geometric shapes and colors. Plate is usually full of squares, triangles, rectangles, and red and green circles and blue spheres or whatever is at home that day - no need for flash cards! We know all the colors etc from the plate.

You will need:
Sandwich bread
Soft butter (if using)
Paste/spread - recipes below 

What I found important in making it for a smaller child:
  • Use any kind of sandwich bread your child will eat, but it's very important that the kind of bread you use doesn't crumble, you might need to try a couple from your grocery store before you find "the one". I found the whole wheat that is mild in taste and my child really likes also try pumpernickel (not the hard German style) just the soft black pumpernickel.
  • Start with making bread slices much flatter, 2 slices of bread + whatever is in between is way to thick for little hands and mouths to manage.
  • Only put in the sandwich stuff that will "glue" the 2 pieces together, otherwise it will be a "falling apart disaster".
  • When cutting ready sandwich to smaller pieces use sharp knife.
Our favorite paste spreads
  1. Mash hard boiled egg using a fork with finely shredded mild cheddar (or any other cheese your child likes) add just a very little amount of mayo (optional) to make it more sticky. Spread on buttered (if using) slice of bread top with another, press firmly before cutting. I don't add anything else to it, no salt, no pepper, but feel free to season if your child likes. I usually make it using 4 hard boiled eggs or more, as it keeps in the fridge of 2-3 days. If my kid is demanding attention in the kitchen when I make it I just give him one egg to crack the shells on the floor - of course the egg is wasted ... but I made  paste!
  2. My son loves avocado and eats it by hand just cut into pieces but if I want to make more of a meal out of it I just mash it with a fork and put in between buttered sises of bread.
  3. Any cream cheese your child likes - it has to spread well though otherwise you won't be able to put on that thinned bread.
  4. Anything you child likes that will glue the bread together.

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